23 March, 2010

Pretty peachy

All in all, things here are pretty dang good. We've received - and approved - bids for painting the house, moving the breaker box, and getting some trees trimmed. I'm sewing up a pile of baby quilts - seems like most every gal I know who's in the 18-35 year range is pregnant. That's a *bit* of an exaggeration, but not much because I've added two new mommies to the baby quilt list in the past week or so.  This coming weekend is both the Northern Iowa and Central Iowa shop hops, and I haven't yet decided which hop I'm gonna do. Probably the Northern one so I won't have to drive so far, but there's a particular batik I want that's in the Ankeny shop... I guess I could call Jenny and have her just mail it to me. lol

Laura almost certainly has a full time job with bennies lined up - just has to pass the background check which should be totally effortless, so we're all excited about that. Way to go Laura!!

I've written a smidge more on Stain (link to an opening snippet for those who missed it last week) and am currently polishing up the second installment on The Ringer.

Exercising with the Wii is going well and Bill and I have added 'walking the boys' to the mix, which the dogs LOVE. They get very excited when we grab their leashes.

That's about all that's happening here. What's up with you?


Jean said...

A little of this and a little of that, mostly. The roof is complete on the shop, we paid the invoice, so we're "poor" now. We're trying to get the taxes completed. The "good" news, if you can call it that, is our quarterly tax payment requirements look like they're going to be very low this year. Of course, you know that means income is way down, so it's debatable how good that is. Grin.

It's yard work time, and that's going well. Hubby's gotten some more primer on the back wall of the garage. The process is still very slow.

Somebody wants our cedar trunk, so we're giving him a few weeks to come cart it off. If it's not gone by May, we'll cut it up.

Monica J King said...

It was peachy meeting you! I hope you're resting...

Tammy Jones said...

Glad you're making progress, Jean! Will you post more pics soon?

Tammy Jones said...


We had a BLAST! Thanks for coming to hang out with us a while. We're trying to rest, but there's just so much to get done around here. {{huggs}}