04 March, 2010


Today, we did two weeks worth of grocery shopping, hauled it all home, and put it all away.

Today, Bill and I walked to our teeny small-town library where we donated the four books I've just read (PUSH, Shutter Island, The Blind Side, and Julie & Julia) and a pile of science fiction Bill cleared off of his shelf.

Today, Gozer broke out of Fort Stewie and Stewie was quite happy to follow him to freedom.

Today, Laura had another job interview which I had to drive her to.

Today, Laura upgraded her cell phone, and we got to purchase it for her.

Today, I woke up too early and ended up taking a nap. I think I need another one.

Today, the shower grout was all fixed and I got to have my usual long, hot shower.

Today, I shall do a little more sewing, starting the piecing of a baby quilt, and continuing on a bag for a display at Tanya's shop.

Today I shall at least look at the book in progress.

And, so far today, no one has pooped, puked, or peed in the wrong place, dumped their food dish, broke their water glass, lost their keys, chewed a pair of shoes, ruined any soup, had a melt down, gotten lost, or spent too much time starting mindlessly at the tv.

Today, I am tired.

But that's okay. It's been a pretty decent day. :)


Krista Heiser said...

Goodness, sounds like quite a few accomplishments were made yesterday. Good for you!

Jean said...

I thought you had Laura broken from chewing on shoes. And you know Stewie tries to drink without breaking his water glass, but just in case, you should really give him a plastic one.