07 March, 2010

Sleep, headaches, and aluminum foiled neighbors

Since I'm still coming off the Diet Coke crankies (detox leads me into a depressive, headachy spiral) I've spent pretty much the whole, complete, and entire day sleeping. I slept till ten am. Finished the baby quilt top. Returned to bed at noonish, and slept till six. It's now nearly eight and I could so go back to bed again. Don't wanna do nuthin!

I really have to stop drinking that stuff.

So, I'm sleepy and have a poundy headache, but I still have to make supper. Since I an trying to cook healthier, I've chosen Italian Chicken and Peppers for tonight, but me being me, I'll make modifications. Like adding mushrooms and onions. Because we love them so. ;) The recipe calls for foil-lined cookie sheets though, and wouldn't you know it? I totally forgot to buy foil at the store this week and my little 3" strip left on the roll wouldn't cover anything. Dammit.

So I called my neighbor, Janna, who came right over with two kinds of foil! YAY JANNA!!

Good neighbors rock!

My mind wanders in troublesome directions when it's headachy and blue. Tonight, I really would like to know why our government has decided that incandescent lightbulbs must be phased out and replaced with CFLs. Yeah, incandescents take a bit more juice to operate, but they're like totally non toxic, have a 'better light' and are CHEAP. CFL's are rather pricey, their light colors things funny, they take longer to 'warm up' and really illuminate, and lastly, they're full of freaking MERCURY. Isn't it better to spend a bit more on electricity now (which is more and more commonly being created by water and wind energy) than poison the freaking planet for forever?

These are the things I ponder. No wonder I'm depressed all the freaking time.


Maripat said...

Hugs on the headachy. Soda and chocolate do that to me. But you know, it's the season for those Reesee's Peanut Butter eggs. Gawd, they are soooo evil.

Arizela said...

Er... I think mercury is an element, so they aren't making new mercury. It's already in the environment somewhere. I think disposal is a concern though.

And hi!