09 March, 2010

Off to the eye doctor

I've delayed this as long as I can. After pretty much a lifetime of being severely near-sighted, my vision has gone wonky. I've been having problems focusing for months, and the edges of pretty much everything are hazy which makes it difficult to read, sew, or do anything else detailed and close up. I've had a LOT of headaches and twitchy eyes from eye strain and, sometimes, I take my glasses off to thread a needle. The last time I got my eyes checked (last two times, actually) bifocals were mentioned but I was resistant. I don't think I have much choice now.

I really don't want them and it bugs me that I'm so... scared. I have never been bothered with the ever-increasing signs of getting older - the wrinkles, gray hairs, even birthdays. Ever. And it's always perplexed me how so many people - especially women - get all upset over turning 30 or 40 or OMG! a gray hair?!?!

But this sure-to-be-bifocal thing kinda freaks me out.

My eye appointment is today. I'll let y'all know how it goes.


Krista said...

Maybe it's because you rely so much on your vision for detailed work? That would make sense to me.

D.M. Bonanno said...

Wrinkles can be photoshopped out, hair can be dyed. They don't affect the things that you love to do. I get it.

And once you get the eye thing worked out, you'll feel better, even if it wasn't the solution you wanted. Good luck.

Tammy Jones said...

:) I've been assured that 'adjusting' to bifocals takes about a week. Lenses have been ordered. Whee!


Jean said...

About a year after my PRK, I had to get bi-focals again. This time it was for reading and computer work. On the bright side, if I hadn't had the surgery, I'd be wearing tri-focals.

The only disappointment I have with PRK results is a complete loss of sharpness in my near vision. They told me I'd lose it sooner than without the surgery, but I must have been on the verge of losing it anyway, because since the surgery, it's been GONE.

Bifocals were a joy, because I could see to read again. I never got headaches, because I got them as soon as they were recommended, but I did get headaches before I got the computer prescription -- all the things you described happened to me.