09 March, 2010

So. The eyes.

My distance prescription has changed very little, but I am having problems focusing and bifocal lenses are on order to fit into my current frames. We did talk, however, about Lasik and Partial Lens Replacement surgery, and he wants me to see a specialist in South Dakota because of my particular issues to see which procedure might be a better fit for me. Eyes are healthy overall - other than the aging thing, which I knew about already, so that's good.

I just don't know about the surgeries. Lasik would mean that I'd still have to wear reading glasses but the risk is minimal and the price, while, substantial, would be less than the lens replacement. The lens replacement would be a full correction - even stave off the possibility of cataracts - but costs more and has an infection risk since a foreign object is inserted within the eye itself. So, I dunno.

I just don't know.

In the meantime, my new lenses are ordered and should be in next week.

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