16 March, 2010


Bill loves turnips but I rarely find decent ones at the store (I buy them fairly regularly at farmers markets, though) but, today, they had LOTS and they were on sale so, tonight, we're gonna have Bacon Turnip Mash with supper! Woot!

My progressive-lens/bifocal  headache isn't as bad today - thank goodness!! - so that's a definite improvement. Laura talked with the local community college and it looks like she's gonna start on the Medical Assistant program in the fall, plus take some classes over the summer to streamline her schedule for the AAS degree (a step above the regular med assistant certification) and improve her GPA. She nearly has enough money to pay cash for the entire curriculum, so we're all pretty excited about that. If it works out the way it's supposed to, she'll graduate next summer and just about be guaranteed a job since CMA's are really needed around here. Pretty awesome collegiate visit, I must say and she's VERY pumped!

I'd pulled a muscle in my mid/lower back late last week (especially the right side - owie!!) and took the weekend off from exercising - since all the internet medical stuff said to 'not exercise' if it hurt. But it felt pretty good last night, so I got back on the Wii Sports Active schedule and, well, the first exercise in last night's routine was Alternating Standing Knee Crunches or some such thing and, um, they aggravated my !(@*%^ back. I kept going, however, through the whole program, and by the end it really wasn't hurting much at all. So I think those standing crunch knee things are the problem. I'll just be more careful. Felt good to exercise, tho, after a weekend of sitting on my butt and I'm much more chipper and energetic today. Back's still a bit stiff on the right side, but a little ibuprofen seems to knock it down to a dull grumble.

I wrote a little while driving Laura around to all the places she had to go today, was just longhand in my journal, but that's something, right? I've cleaned the cat boxes, planned some quilting projects, drank a ton of water, even managed a game of sudoku, and I'm about to tackle the mess that's my kitchen. My mood is pretty damn excellent, which is nice. Probably because 1) I can mostly see and 2) I don't hurt. ;)

So, all in all, today's been a better day. :)

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