06 March, 2010

Cursing the brown elixir

Months and months ago, I cut out Diet Coke. I cut it partly to get off the caffeine and the caffeine-headache/caffeine-high spiral, partly because it's nutrient empty and chemical heavy, and, lastly, because if I start my day with Diet Coke, that'll be all I choose to drink all day, instead of water. Surely none of those things are good for me. But every once in a while - especially if we're having something spicy for supper - I'll let myself have one. Just one. Often I don't finish that one, so it's a treat.

Which is what happened yesterday with the ribs. Was my first Diet Coke in a week.

Since I've removed Diet Coke from the daily routine, I've noticed that when I do drink it, I'm cranky and/or depressed the next day, which makes me want it even less. But it does hit the spot, oh yes! Yummy stuff that Diet Coke. I've never craved chocolate or cake or any of those things women supposedly lust after, just the ol', evil DC.

Anyway, in an effort to combat the crankies I make myself drink a LOT of water, even more than usual, and it does help make the crankies a bit less so - and it helps to know that they're not me, they're the Diet Coke talking. So I *also* drank a LOT of water yesterday. But as evening approached, Laura and I decided to go to the movies and, well, we got popcorn and pop and candy and all that fun stuff since we hadn't been to the movies since Avatar's opening weekend and, well... I had a SECOND Diet Coke. A big 'un, since we got the popcorn/pop/candy combo thing.

And maaaaaaan, am I feeling it today. I didn't finish that Diet Coke at the theater - oooooooh, I wanted to, oh yes - and I did drink some water before going to bed, but I am one cranky, weepy, ticked off, self-flagellating bitch today.

Of all the things in the world to have a problem with, I have to pick Diet goddamn Coke.


D.M. Bonanno said...

My brown elixir is cherry coke. There's just something about it... I could have a Sierra Mist, a Coke, whatever, and it doesn't have the same affect. It's my only source of caffiene though and with two little ones, I don't know how I'd survive w/o caffiene. :( My dentist suggested something called Joe water -- caffinated water -- to get my fix. I might have to go lookign for it...

Kat BM said...

Tam my friend, I know the feeling. I cannot - yet - cut diet coke out of my life, but I've cut it down, or rather I don't drink it after 8pm or so at night. I drink water or decafe diet coke after 8pm. it's really cut down my coke consumption and i've noticed i don't snack as much after 8pm if i can't have cafine laced DC. have you though about decafe when you need a DC? you might try it, even if you have before. this is only if it's the cafiene you are worried about of course

Tammy Jones said...

Dawn, i've never heard of Joe Water! I'll have to look that up! Thank you!! :)

Kat, I've never tried caffeine free DC. Maybe I should, but it's not available anywhere but the grocery store. I don't buy DC at the store anymore, it's the restaurants, movie theaters, and such things that catch me.


KHurley said...

I so hear you, lady! I quit drinking Coke cold turkey in the fall of 2008, and oh, the cravings! For months afterward, I craved it, especially when it was hot outside. But I stuck it out and drank lots of green tea and regular iced tea instead, and I now am mostly free of the cravings. I have not had any Coke at all since I went cold turkey. One time I even dreamed I'd drunk some and woke up in a panic that I'd fallen off the wagon, then realized it had been only a dream. The tea has made a huge difference, because whenever I craved Coke, I went for iced tea to replace it with (or water if there was no iced tea available). For me, it wasn't so much the caffeine that was the problem, but the chemicals, esp. high fructose corn syrup. Bad stuff, that. Quitting wasn't easy, but can be done! Hang in there! {{{HUGS!}}}