02 March, 2010

I am so not witty today...

I had planned on posting something witty, funny, or insightful today - planned to do so as I stood in the shower under lovely hot water which is always the best time for me to think such things. Instead, after my shower I made Potato Leek Soup - which I totally screwed up by accidentally pouring in about half a cup of salt instead of a few sprinkles so the whole panful was wasted. Then we went to the Soup and Sip for lunch (thank you, Tanya, for staying open for us!!). Once we came back home, I rotated around laundry, then putzed around online awhile, still steaming over my ruined soup. Then, unable to muster the gumption for anything productive, I took a long nap.

So here I am, nothing accomplished for the day except washing two loads of laundry, making perfectly good soup inedible, and napping.

I'm ready to go back to bed.


Maripat said...

This one time, I accidentally dumped in a lot of red pepper into my sauce and my MIL came to dinner that night. I had tried to fix it. thought I had. Didn't. That was 20 years ago. She still hasn't forgotten it.

Some days are just funny like that. Hugs. Tomorrow will be better.

Tammy Jones said...

MIL's are so fun that way. {{huggs}}

Anonymous said...

Few years back I made some stuff shells. The smell was fantastic and the whole family couldn't wait to eat. I bit into the first one and ... ewww .... garlic!

Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of garlic but I ended up putting in TABLESPOONS rather than TEASPOONS and the luscious smelling stuff shells were completely inedible.

Cooking fail for me!