14 March, 2010

Quilts. Lots of quilts.

I love to sew - y'all surely know that - and you may or may not know that I give away pretty much all of my projects. I make a lot of things for specific people, but sometimes I make a project simply because I want to try a new technique or there's a cool fabric line I want to play with. If I don't have a particular recipient in mind, I'll usually just make the top (to be honest, I really don't enjoy 'quilting', I'm more of a designer and piecer) because I have little motivation to go through all the work to finish quilts just to pile them up in the closet. I make a LOT of quilt tops that just sit and wait for the right recipient to come along, and it seems like a waste.

Today I was blessed with a win-win solution.

A gal in my quilt guild - Marilyn - does machine quilting professionally and she's happy to quilt projects for FREE to be donated to hospitals and foster homes and hospices and things. Now I have a place to take all of these projects that just need to be quilted before they get given to folks, and I'm DELIGHTED to make lap quilts for nursing homes and baby quilts for neonatal units and so forth and so on. I'm so excited!! Just need to get batting and backing for this stack of tops! Plus, it gives me more excuses to sew!! Woot!

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