03 March, 2010

Wednesdays are apparently better than Tuesdays

Today's gone pretty well so far. I've made lunch - nice, safe, impossible to screw up frozen pizza - cut up fabric for a baby quilt, sorted a stack of papers into the recycling bin, giggled with Bill (who's taking a long weekend off work) and even managed a little housework.

Laura has a job interview this afternoon - I get to drive, go me! - and, afterward, Bill and I are heading out to attend an auction, which should be good fun. I LOVE auctions, even tho they usually make me bring home all kinds of cool things that I really don't need. But that's okay, they're a blast!  Most likely, we'll eat supper out and then I'll get back to reading Julie and Julia, which I've almost finished.

I have seen the movie, though, just night before last when it was on pay per view because I'd promised myself that if I noticed it there, I'd make time to see it. And I did. That said, I didn't like the movie all that much, it was cute and all, but I found the Julie character to be really annoying. I loved Meryl Streep as Julia Child, tho. They could have made an entire movie about her and that would have been awesome. Since seeing the movie, I am finding the book's Julie to be a bit more annoying, even tho she hasn't changed any. It's just seeing her and her meltdowns and self-centeredness (and she's exactly the same in the book, only my brain fuzzed out the annoying aspects of her personality) has really made me notice her now. But I shall press on through because it is a good story. I just wish there was more about Julia Child instead of Julie, but it is Julie's book, so I can't complain too much, I guess.

Bill found a leak in the shower this morning, apparently a crack appeared in the tile grout because our hundred+ year old house has settled a bit, but it's all fixed. We just can't shower again until tomorrow, which shouldn't be a problem, as long as we don't play in mud or grease or something. I have to admit that I am incredibly spoiled because I never worry about such things as shower leaks or bad light switches or cracks or whatever because Bill Will Fix Them. I definitely recommend marrying a handyman, especially if he's cute, bearded, and smoochable. ;)

There are a lot of little things we want to do to the house, upgrades and minor remodels, like making a real room in the basement for the bathroom, instead of having a toilet and sink sitting open and exposed in a corner, and replacing our front door which is VERY modern and doesn't fit the look of the house at all. Bill can and will handle those things and others, but we're going to hire someone - gasp! - to paint the house this spring and, most likely, someone else to move the breaker box because it's right where Bill wants to put the basement bathroom wall. I think the idea of hiring someone to do the work bothers him, but I'm totally cool with it. It'll be a lot less stress and frustration (and I really don't want him on a ladder on the porch roof to paint the second story). And, maybe, if the painters' price isn't too bad, I'll have them paint the rest of the downstairs, too, and the stairwell. Because painting the interior is my job and I'm delighted to hire it out. lol

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Catie said...

FWIW, everybody in the entire universe wishes "Julie & Julia" had just been about Julia, and nobody liked Julie at all, as far as I can tell. :)